Donation Drive:

Our goal is to raise $90K to fund upgrades to both the courtyard (Phase 1) and library (Phase 2). Our budget is ~ $45K on each.  These spaces bring huge value to our school and kids learning and are in need of some attention.  A key need is to make an accessible outdoor learning space. 

Learn more & Make your tax deductible donation now!

Donations of $150, $250, $500, $1000 will be recognized on our donor wall.

Sincere thank you to those families who have already contributed.

The Donation Drive is part of a 4 pronged fundraising strategy to reach our goal:

  • Donation Drive: May – Nov 2019
  • Events
  • Grants: there is lots of opportunity here, but we need someone to take it on
  • Sponsorship: there is opportunity here too, but we need someone to take it on
  1. To donate please go to and
  2. Under “Gift Information” choose the amount you wish to donate
  3. Under “Fund Destination” choose Cleveland – PAC (NOT Cleveland)
  4. Click “Add to Cart”
  5. Make your payment as instructed
A tax receipt will be emailed to you once completed.