FreshSchools Tips


Your FS Masterclass

In an effort to keep parents educated on this amazing platform, we’ll be providing regular “bite-sized” tips and tricks to help you master all that FreshSchools has to offer. If there’s something specific you’d like to know about, send us a message!

Tip #2: Messages

Tip #2: Messages This week's bite-sized FreshSchools tip is to help make you a messaging powerhouse! Did you know you can message parents without knowing their name? If your child comes home and says he wants to have a play date with Aaron Aaronson (our wonderful...

Tip #1: Chalkboard

Tip #1: Chalkboard Think of the Chalkboard as the cork board in the front of the school; it's a bit more of a passive notice space than a message or the calendar. Your teacher or class rep may post something there that doesn't necessitate a calendar entry to itself,...