Class Enrichment Supplies Fund

What is the Class Enrichment Supplies Fund?

Each year the CPAC requests that the Cleveland parent community consider making a gift to help enrich our  classrooms and improve the learning environment for our children. These funds go towards the purchase of supplies, resources, and programs that might otherwise not be available to support student learning. If possible, we ask families to contribute $25 per student or $65 per family for those with more than two children.


How Funds Are Used

  1. Special occasion art supplies
  2. Communal classroom school supplies
  3. Curriculum enrichment resources and activities
  4. Additional resources for the Learning Assistance Centre

How are the funds allocated?

Enrichment funds collected by CPAC are provided to teachers to support classroom extras and initiatives that enhance your child’s learning environment. The funds are distributed in two ways:

  1. Each teacher is provided with a specific amount of money calculated on a per student basis, which is used to support purchases that would not otherwise be funded in the public education system – examples include supplies and resources used for art projects, crafts, and science projects, supplemental learning resources such as books, and student prizes such as stickers, bookmarks, and so on. These funds are particularly important for those times that teachers help students create gifts for their families (for example: holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day).
  2. The school is provided with an Enrichment Fund budget for larger classroom-based purchases, such as educational programs and materials that can be used school-wide or shared across multiple classrooms, and to support our non-enrolling teachers (such as learning support, fine arts, counselling).

With approximately 500 students enrolled at Cleveland, the majority of the funds will be distributed to classrooms calculated on a per student basis, with some remaining funds being allocated to the general Enrichment Fund described above.

How do I contribute?

All our children benefit from the supplementary services and enriched learning opportunities, which are a result of the ongoing generosity and support of our Cleveland parent community. Your cooperation and support are very much appreciated.

Please pay through Munch-a-Lunch by clicking the link below, or fill out a cheque and drop in the CPAC mailbox at the office; be sure to put “Enrichment Contribution” in the memo field.