Free Parent workshop prior to Grade 6/7 Social Media Education Sessions

As the first generation of kids to grow up with smart phones and social media, our kids have been the guinea pigs for a neurological experiment. And even though the science is new, we see proof of it everyday in an emerging group of youth. What exactly is the effect of phones on developing brains? How can we best prepare and respond? 

Join Alix from Grit Meditation as we explore technology, neuroscience, mental health, peer pressure, and using creativity + mindfulness to grow a healthy, happy brain. Alix will be spending the school-day with Cleveland’s grade 6/7 classes to discuss the same thing – and we know they’re going to have some great perspectives and insights to share!
  • When: Dec. 7th from 6:30 – 8:30
  • Where: Cleveland Library
This parent-education workshop is sponsored by the Cleveland PAC and is available for ALL parents to attend. It will be in person at our library. Please RSVP on FreshSchools so we can prepare the space accordingly.