Why does CPAC Fundraise?

Each year, the Cleveland PAC drafts a budget in order to fund resources, equipment and programs to enhance Cleveland students’ school experience and provide supplemental support to our teachers and administration. To do that, we engage in an extensive consultation process with the administration and teachers early in the school year. In addition to this, we periodically survey our parents to get a sense of what their priorities are for fundraising. During this process, we identify and agree on a list of key needs. As a result of this process, the CPAC’s annual budget will include funding for some combination of the following:

  • Larger projects such as physical improvements to the school; a track, for example
  • Equipment purchases such as new technology for the classrooms that wouldn’t otherwise be provided by the school district
  • Enrichment supplies to support learning and curriculum implementation in the classrooms
  • Grade 7 farewell ceremony
  • Other smaller projects, such as new sports equipment, speakers, cultural events and performances over the course of the school year, and contributions to transportation for field-trips

Over the past few years, CPAC has made contributions to the school totalling more than $100,000.


How do we fundraise?

We fundraise throughout the year in a variety of different ways, including:

01. Hot Lunch

This popular fundraiser is one of the largest sources of revenue for the CPAC, and depends on the support and presence of parent volunteers to run each year.

02. Events

Though the primary purpose of many the events organized by CPAC and run by parent volunteers for Cleveland families is to have fun and build community at our school, they often generate funds that contribute to CPAC’s annual budget.

03. Programs

CPAC volunteers organize opportunities to purchase goods or services that also provide a small profit for the school.

04. Partnerships

We seek out relationships with local businesses such as Mabel’s Labels and Cobbs Bread who donate a small portion of their sales to our school. Customers should indicate they are related to Cleveland Elementary for us to receive funds.

05. Direct Donations

Tax deductible donations can be made directly to CPAC via the North Vancouver School District (SD44).

06. Gaming Grant

CPAC volunteers apply for this each year. While it represents a significant part of CPAC’s budget, its use is limited to certain kinds of school expenses and it is not guaranteed we will receive it each year we apply.

07. Grad Committee

The Grade 7 Parent Committee organize opportunities to purchase goods or services that provide a profit that is directed to the Grade 7 farewell ceremony.

Laptops & secure cart

2 ipad carts with 48 ipads

Emergency Supply kits

flatscreens & apple tvs

Gymnasium sound system

Annual Class enrichment

Where are your fundraising dollars spent?

In addition to these recent contributions, in 2017/18, CPAC was also able to commit $8,000 to commission a welcome carving by Squamish Nation elder and master carver Latash. This piece will be carved from a beautiful section of cedar donated by a Cleveland family, and students will have an opportunity for hands-on learning as the carving takes shape next year. We also provide an annual class enrichment fund of $7,500 to support teachers.

Fundraising priorities for 2021/22

Heart of Cleveland


In 2019, parents generously supported our plans to upgrade Cleveland’s courtyard. It is now an inviting space where students can learn, investigate, relax, read, or simply play and hang out. This inspiring, natural environment invites exploration and hands-on learning, and gives students a change of pace from the classroom. Thank you to everyone for supporting our vision and making it a reality.  

Library Transformation 

In Spring 2021, with the support and guidance of Principal Joe Campbell, Cleveland parents launched an incredible initiative to revitalize and transform our school’s library. Over $40,000 was raised to kick start the project. Stay tuned for more details and a sneak preview of the plans.


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