Tip #2: Messages

This week’s bite-sized FreshSchools tip is to help make you a messaging powerhouse!

Did you know you can message parents without knowing their name? If your child comes home and says he wants to have a play date with Aaron Aaronson (our wonderful fictional student), you don’t need to know his parents’ names, just start typing “Aaron” into the message To: field (or use the search field at the top of the recipient selector in the app), and FreshSchools will automatically suggest “Parents of Aaron Aaronson (Student).”

You can also do the same for sending a message to one of the CPAC committees. Looking for some help with your hot lunch order? Just start typing “Hot Lunch” into the To: field, and voilà!

There are plenty of committees available at your fingertips – scroll to the bottom of the list and see who’s available:

You’ll even find teachers and staff listed above the committees.

If you have any questions or troubles with FreshSchools, you can always message the Web Help Committee!