What a great time we  had during April – Earth Month! Thank you to everyone for your contributions in putting together a memorable Earth Day Celebration, working together to keep our Free The Trees campaign alive and well, fostering our Salmon fry and more….Here are some highlights…


  • If you were one of the hundreds of parents who attended Earth Day (!!) , we know you will agree that was an incredible morning and return to in person events. And another quick shout out to Delaneys and Cobbs for donating treats for us parents.
  • The Earth Day Street Party was a huge success and we temporarily closed the street for excellent tunes (thank you Christian!), basketball, street hockey, tennis, art and general free play.
  • Almost every child in the school participated in Free the Trees: an hour long outdoor forest .  Thats ~ 500 kids learning about why forests matter and what can be done to sustain them!
  • The Courtyard Clean up continues to be stewarded by students and teachers alike. Helping to keep this special place a welcoming outdoor learning space .
  • Earth Week Clean up Crew. To celebrate Earth Week, students from Mme Cusanelli’s grade 2 class, along with their grade 4 and 5 buddies from Mme Cork and Mme Wheeler’s class undertook a clean-up of our school grounds.
  • The Salmon Eggs hatched and the fry were released into our neighbouring creeks.
  • The Gardens are  Growing. Special thanks to the Healthy Cleveland Parents who are working hard to revitalize the garden beds and thanks to our hard working and enthusiastic staff, Cleveland is starting a strawberry, vegetable and herb garden. Four classes are ready to plant our planters. We are just waiting for fresh soil and some warmer and sunnier weather.