IT TAKES A VILLAGE to keep Cleveland School Zones Safe! We desperately need more parent volunteers. Please contact if you can lend a hand.

One shift only takes 20 minutes of your day and makes a huge difference. Christian, our Safety Patrol Coordinator, is away for a good chunk of January. If we do not get more parent volunteers we will most likely need to cancel some safety patrol shifts.

And, we just wanted to send a few friendly New Year’s reminders to all parents and caregivers who drive their children to school:

  • Drop off zones are for DROPPING OFF…not for parking. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in a drop off zone.
  • Disabled Parking Zones are for those with a PARKING PERMIT FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. There are a few parents who seem to like to use this zones as their own VIP parking space.
  • The staff parking lot is NOT A DROP OFF ZONE.
  • Please DO NOT DO A U-TURN in the school zone.
  • And LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE. Do not use your electronic devices while driving at any time! Sadly, many parents/caregivers are on their devices in the school zone.
  • RESPECT OUR PATROLLERS. They are all student/parent volunteers with the same common goal of keeping our kids safe. Occasionally, we have drivers who do not give them the respect they deserve.
  • And don’t forget, there is always a DRIVE TO FIVE option. Parking at Eldon Park and walking into school is a wonderful way to start the day with your kids! Try it!
  • And lastly, PLEASE EXERCISE EXTRA CAUTION DRIVING DURING WINTER. Give yourself a little more time to get to school and watch out for ice and snow on the roads.