CPAC needs you!

Would you like an opportunity to be directly involved in the work that directly affects our children’s school experience? The following positions need to be filled by parent volunteers for the upcoming school year:

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Bike Week 2018

Bike Week was a hit! We had an average 40% of students ride their bikes during the week- and 50% on the final day.

We raised $350 for Bikes for Tykes  from our Flash Tune at Obession Bikes and CPAC will once again be supporting our two charities Bicycles for Humanity and Bikes for Tykes  an additional $200 each.

Special thanks to Mme Cusanelli, Jeneen Sutherland,  the Gr. 7 Bike Week crew and all our amazing parent volunteers!

Let’s keep the momentum rolling and continue to ride to school!

New Courtyard Design

We’re excited to see such a positive response to the new design for the courtyard.

Ideas such as little pathways for games, an outdoor classroom and areas for small group work have been well received.

Thank you to Forma Design who provided design support and worked with kids to bring in their ideas. All for FREE! The Grade 7 Legacy gift will fit perfectly.

Next Fall will be a big fundraising push for installation over the winter

Kilometer Club 2018 was a Success

We had 171 students participate this year, and they ran a total distance of 1,970 kilometers!
A big thank you to Eleanor Gill, Sydney Morrison, parent volunteers and to our sponsors:
  • Distance Runwear– for prizes and for giving running tips one morning. If you shop there, please thank Dave Cressman
  • Forerunners– on Marine Drive for prizes. See if your kid brought home a 15% discount coupon, and please thank Jerry
  • Columbus Market– in Edgemont Village for bananas. Next time you shop these, please thank Peter! 

Also a big thank you to Eleanor Gill and Sydney Morrison for all their work!

Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard

Last week, Cleveland parent, Christian Behnke was awarded the honour of one of “Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guards”!
Next time you see Christian please give him a pat on the back for all the great work he does in keeping our kids safe. And please LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE while driving at all times.
Check out the details here


Nothing from August 1, 2018 to September 1, 2018.

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