Each year, the Cleveland PAC drafts a budget in order to fund resources, equipment and opportunities to enhance Cleveland students’ experience of the school curriculum and engagement in learning. Fundraising priorities are identified through consultation with the school’s administration and teachers. As parents we are all members of the Cleveland PAC and you are invited to attend monthly PAC meetings to contribute your ideas and ask questions. Over the past few years, CPAC has made contributions to the school totaling more than $100,000.

Where are your fundraising dollars being spent?

Much of the technology in our children’s classrooms is not funded by the Provincial government. This year, the CPAC was able to address a need identified by the school to replace aging laptops used in the classroom. With your contributions over the past few years, the school has been able to purchase:

  • laptops and a secure laptop cart for classroom use: $30,000
  • Flat screens, Apple TV and wiring for each classroom: $25,000
  • 2 ipad carts: $36,000
  • Gymnasium sound system: $7,500

This year, the CPAC was also able to commit $8,000 to commission a welcome carving by Squamish Nation elder and master carver Latash. This piece will be carved from a beautiful section of cedar donated by a Cleveland family, and students will have an opportunity for hands-on learning as the carving takes shape next year. CPAC also invested in updating and refreshing all the classroom emergency supplies kits and backpacks.

 Fundraising priorities for 2018/19:

The ability to provide an opportunity for outdoor learning has long been a priority for Cleveland’s teachers and parents. Our children have access not only to large playgrounds and a gravel field, but also to the endless benefits and possibilities of learning and play that the forested areas and “outdoor classroom” spaces in the lowers provide. The school’s courtyard is a prominent and central feature, and the school’s teachers and administration have expressed a desire to make it into a more engaging and functional environment for outdoor learning. Under Healthy Cleveland Coordinator Jessica Bratty’s leadership and in cooperation and consultation with teachers and students alike, there will be an opportunity to redesign and renovate the courtyard over the coming year. This project, estimated at $35,000 will continue to offer opportunities for students to learn and parents and teachers to be involved in bringing it into existence.