Back by popular demand- KM Club begins May 2!!!

Date/Time: Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:15am to 8:40am (from May 2 – May 18 inclusive)
Location: The “Lowers” (the field next to Mount Crowne Road)
-Students will run or walk laps (1 lap= 0.33 km) and will be given a popsicle sticks (by a parent volunteer) for each lap covered
-Once the 20/25 minutes is completed, the kids take their sticks to parent volunteers to tally the laps covered
-The parent volunteers will mark down number of sticks for each grade

We are looking for parent volunteers to help out.

We will be tracking the kilometres covered by the students and awarding prizes, ribbons and medals based on their participation and the distance they have covered. The kids not only love KM Club but it gets them energized for the day and ready to learn. Any volunteer help is very much appreciated. Without you, KM Club would not happen. Thank you!

Click here for Parent Volunteer Google Doc

We are needing your help!
– One volunteer for each grade to keep track of the Km’s covered by each student (Class list will be provided that morning)
– Three volunteers to hand out popsicle sticks to students for each lap.

-Three volunteers (one for each corner of the field) to monitor and cheer on students
If you are able to volunteer, please enter your name into one of the slots in the attached google doc. You would need to show up at the “Lowers” at 8:10 am on your specific day.

Also, if you know anyone not on the list that is able to help out please feel free to forward this email.
Thanks in advance for your help! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Click here for Google Doc

Thank you,
The Km Club Team