Would you like an opportunity to be directly involved in the planning, budgeting, fundraising or communications work of the CPAC that directly affects our children’s school experience? The following positions need to be filled by parent volunteers for the upcoming school year:

  • District PAC Representative attends monthly District-wide Parent Advisory Committee meetings and reports back to the CPAC on district-level priorities, initiatives and opportunities for funding. This position would work for a parent without daytime availability who would like to know more about what is happening at the school district level and in the larger community. The DPAC Representative serves a one-year term. Please contact dpacrep@clevelandpac.com for more information.
  • Hot Lunch Coordinator(s) work as a pair to organize a weekly hot lunch delivery as well as a monthly pizza day delivery. They also coordinate parent volunteers to help with sorting and distributing lunches on hot lunch days. Our hot lunch program is well-liked by parents for the convenience it offers, and represents the largest single source of fundraising income for the CPAC’s annual budget. Filling the position of Hot Lunch Coordinator is vital to the program’s existence and the CPAC’s capacity to fund the projects and expenses all students benefit from. Please contact hotlunch@clevelandpac.com for more information.
  • Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting volunteers for various events, committees and programs throughout the school year. They regularly act as a liaison between Class Reps and the CPAC for PAC Communications. Please contact volunteercoordinator@clevelandpac.com for more information.
  • Parent Education Coordinator researches, plans and schedules opportunities for parent education at the school, such as speaker events, workshops and screenings. Please contact parenteducation@clevelandpac.com for more information.
  • Grade 7 Rep (French)

Plus, PAC can always use volunteers to help with smaller projects. The many projects, fundraisers, special events like the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter celebrations, the Ice Cream Social and Santa Claus Breakfast, classroom learning enhancements and extra-curricular programs like Bike Week, Km Club and Healthy Cleveland would not exist without the support and participation of our parent community.

Please consider serving on your CPAC for the coming term!  Questions?  Contact chair@clevelandpac.com.